The Story

In the spring of 2003 I was engaged by Paddy McLeod to conduct a review of the Vancouver Cantata Singers communication activities with a view to identifying opportunities and ideas to improve their ability to create relationships with current audiences, potential audiences, and financial supporters. The following was my concluding observation on building a larger audience.

“To build our audience we are best advised to find ways to collaborate with others who already have relationships with people who fall in our target audience, or who have an interest in the same target audience and are interested in attracting a new and larger audience for a similar experience.

We have talked briefly about some of the initiatives we might embark upon in this regard, one of which is to collaborate with other choral music groups to prepare and distribute annually a publication that talks about and explores choral music as an art form and an experience, gives readers a greater sense of what the choral music experience offers, and describes the range of different experiences and opportunities that are available to people with an interest in the Vancouver area.

The publication would be developed as something that people would like to retain or give to friends, and, although distributed free to known target audiences, might also be offered for sale in retail outlets that serve other audiences and customer groups. It might be designed to attract and benefit other partners.

There are other imaginative ways to collaborate with others around mutual interests and mutual audiences and these can be explored further as we get a little clearer on our story and our communication agenda.”

In April 2004, I met with leaders in the Vancouver choral community to explore possibilities. I began the conversation with these observations, ideas, and questions.

Vancouver Choral Music Community
We are different with common interests

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