Creating the Story

“To build our audience we are best advised to find ways to collaborate with others who already have relationships with people who fall in our target audience, or who have an interest in the same target audience and are interested in attracting a new and larger audience for a similar experience.

There are other imaginative ways to collaborate with others around mutual interests and mutual audiences and these can be explored further as we get a little clearer on our story and our communication agenda.”

Roger Chilton
The Story

The Events

The Events brings together bold theatricality, dynamic storytelling and community choirs from around Metro Vancouver to ask the question: is it possible to find peace, forgiveness, and love in the wake of incomprehensible violence? Each performance, a different choral group shares the stage with the show’s two actors. This work of art about a community torn apart is an act of community engagement, prompting discussion as well as catharsis. In its compassion, its inclusivity and its spirit of inquiry, The Events is an act of resistance—an act of love
The Events

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